About Us

Foster Calm

Choosing a name for a company can be a challenge. This name was an obvious choice. Bobbie Foster chose the name Foster Calm not just because of her last name, but because her belief is that remaining calm in the face of adversity is the key to successfully providing first aid. For Bobbie, First Aid begins with taking a deep breath, followed by a thorough assessment of the needs of the patient. Only then can we effectively move on to the next phase of treatment.


Bobbie Foster, W-EMT-B

Bobbie has been involved in outdoor recreation education since 1987. At the University of California at San Francisco Medical School outdoor program “Outdoors Unlimited”, she started out washing sleeping bags and worked her way up to Assistant Director (risk management and budgets). She enjoyed instructing white water canoeing and cross-country skiing, but in 1994 she discovered that her true passion was teaching first aid.

In 2001 she started Foster Calm with the help of Foster Atwood.┬áHer classes are thorough, but also fun with a primary focus on teaching not only how to provide first aid, but how to prevent the injuries that require assistance in the first place. Bobbie’s attention to detail and organizational skills are legendary. For her teaching first aid is more than a career: it is a labor of love that is her way of giving back to her community.

Bobbie has been current as a Wilderness First Responder since 1987 and as an EMT since 1999. She has been teaching wilderness first aid classes since 1994.

Our Volunteer Instructors

One of the unique aspects of a Foster Calm class is the volunteer instructor team. There can be 1 to 10 or more volunteers helping with a class: helping students with skills, providing feedback after scenarios, and helping Bobbie with demos. However, the main benefit to all (students, volunteers and Bobbie) is the volunteer’s real experiences, stories and expertise. Many are active SAR (Search and Rescue) team members, program managers, leaders with specific outdoor expertise, and medical professionals. These volunteers have improved the program with new ideas (stick splint, the swap carry) and feedback on how to improve scenarios and presentations. Bobbie’s teaching style and program is influenced by what she has learned from these amazing Foster Calm volunteers.