Seminars & Workshops


Foster Calm will help provide seminars and workshops. These are a great way to introduce people to first aid issues, focus on a specific first aid topic and/or practice first aid skills.

Examples of seminars we can help facilitate

First Aid Kits Seminar

What goes in a first aid kit? Should I buy a ready-made kit? In this evening seminar, we will be sharing information about first aid kits and also facilitating a group buy for first aid supplies. Come and decide what you need in your first aid kit and then buy supplies.
About 2 hours

Scenario Play Day

A fun filled day of practicing first aid and leadership skills in on outdoor setting (or what ever setting is appropriate for your group). Scenarios are the best place to practice and refresh first aid skills.

This can be as long or as short as you want.

Skills Practice Sessions

Are there specific skills that need to be learned and/or practiced (patient assessment skills, splinting skills, etc).  This can be as long or as short as you want.

Special Topic Seminars

A session on one or more topics can be facilitated by Foster Calm Staff or we can find an expert on the topic to present.

Customized Workshops and Classes

We can help you design a program that fits your needs. Foster Calm staff can teach or find the appropriate experts to teach for you.

See the Calendar for more learning opportunities.